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Lipoma Removal for improved appearance

Lipoma Removal for improved appearance

What is a lipoma?

A lipoma is a small fatty lump and you can have more than one. It grows slowly and is not cancerous. It grows between the skin and the underlying muscle, has the consistency of dough, is not painful or tender to touch and can be easily moved by a finger. However, if it presses on a nerve or has many blood vessels, it can become painful.

Who are at risk of getting lipoma?

People between 40 and 60 years are more prone to develop lipomas. People with a family history of lipoma have a greater chance of developing them.

Is lipoma dangerous?

Lipoma is not dangerous. It is a harmless lump and is generally painless. It usually does not require treatment, but if it becomes too big and is disturbing to look at, starts pressing on a nerve or becomes painful, you will have to seek treatment. If it is growing and causing increasing physical discomfort or disfigurement, consult a doctor for evaluation and removal.

What are the treatment options available?

If you have to remove a lipoma for medical or cosmetic purposes, there are multiple treatment options available. They include:

Surgery- Lipomas can be removed by cutting them out. Once removed they will not grow back.

Steroid injections- Steroid injections are given to shrink the lipoma. The lipoma can only be reduced in size and not totally eliminated by this treatment.

Liposuction- In this procedure fat is sucked out from the lump using a large syringe.

Your doctor will help you decide the most suitable treatment based on the location and size of the lipoma.

Lipomas may be harmless, but they can mar your appearance. You don’t have to suffer them any longer as you can remove them easily through simple procedures. Consult our cosmetic surgeon for a comprehensive evaluation and treatment. Gain freedom from pain and regain your natural appearance.