Contact Lenses


Contact Lenses in Chennai

Nethra Eye Care is one of the leading eye care center providing unparalleled and a comprehensive ophthalmic service for several years. Nethra Eye Care provides advanced and personalized eye care to the patients. With the progression in the technology today any eye disorder or disease can be treated in an efficient manner. Today, a lot of people opt to go for contact lenses to get rid of the spectacles. At our center, we utilize the high-end technology to correct the vision of patients using contact lenses.

We have the best eye specialist and surgeons who analyze the patient’s condition and suggest whether the patient is a suitable for contact lenses or not. However, the contact lenses cost may vary as there is a wide variety of lenses available to provide the clear vision to the patient. We ensure to provide the best care and treatment to our patients in a patient-friendly setting using the advanced diagnostic equipment and treatment procedures. Since inception, we have helped numerous patients with different eye ailments and gifted them a healthy and clear vision.

We have a well-equipped center that is embedded with the latest treatment and diagnostic facilities. We have become one of the trusted eye care centers because of our high-end treatment facilities, impeccable service and experienced eye care specialists. We endeavor to provide best care and treatment to patients at an affordable price.

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