Breast Augmentation


Breast Augmentation Surgery in Chennai

Breast augmentation surgery for fuller breasts.

Breast size, symmetry, or loss of breast tissue due to surgery or injury are the main reasons for breast augmentation surgery. Breast augmentation surgery will improve the size of the breast but will not be able to correct sag. Breast uplift should be done to correct sag and this can sometimes be combined with a breast augmentation surgery.

Breast augmentation surgery uses implants to restructure or augment your breast. There are various types of implants available. Each has its own unique features. We will discuss them with you and you will be able to choose the one that best suits your need.

Types of implants available

  • Saline implants
  • Silicone implants
  • Round implants
  • Smooth implants
  • Textures implants

Surgeon and hospital decide the outcome.

As with any surgery, the surgeon, the procedure and the facilities available will influence the result. We have one of the best cosmetic and plastic surgeons in Chennai, the most advanced facilities and infrastructure and the best breast augmentation service. Excellent pre-surgery and post surgery care and patient friendly post surgery instructions will help you through your surgery and recovery without complications.

During the procedure an incision will be made under your breast, along the areolar edge or in your armpit. The site of incision will depend on the type of implant used and your preference. The implant is placed under the muscle or over it depending on the required result. The incisions are sutured closed and bandaged. After surgery you may be allowed to return home the same day if your health permits. You will be given instructions on wound care and your follow up visits will be scheduled.

The result will be immediately visible, but for the complete result to be seen you will have to wait for the swelling to subside in a few weeks.

Once you recover completely your new breasts will boost your confidence and will have a positive impact on your life.

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