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Hair Fall Treatment In Chennai

Which is the Best Hair Loss Treatment for You? Find the Best Hair Clinic in Chennai 

Hair fall is a major problem faced by millions across the world. While it was customary to hide bald patches with hairstyles and accessories in the past, modern medicine offers excellent hair fall solutions. We offer some of the best hair fall treatments in Chennai including hair transplant surgery. If you are looking to stop hair fall and promote hair growth visit us for a complete hair fall diagnosis and hair loss treatment to regain your lost hair.

Causes of hair fall

Hair loss is one of the most common problems affecting men and women as they age. The causes are many and can be because of hereditary factors, age, stress, tight hairstyles, harsh hair treatments, medications taken, radiation treatment, chemotherapy, medical conditions or hormonal changes. Though it affects men and women, it is more prevalent among men.

When hair fall is excessive from the scalp, it results in baldness. This is mainly due to hereditary hair loss with age.

Types of hair fall

Hair fall can start suddenly or gradually and may be temporary or permanent.

A gradual thinning of hair density from the top of the head is the most common type of hair loss that comes with age. Men may have a receding hairline while women may retain the hairline but may experience a widening of the par in the hair.

Circular smooth bald spots are another type of hair fall. The skin may become itchy or painful before hair falls out.

When an infection occurs, patches of scales may spread across the scalp leading to hair loss.

Hair fall diagnosis

Before a hair fall treatment, you will be given a routine medical exam. Your medical history and your family history of medical conditions will be required to determine the causes of hair loss.

  • You will have to take a blood test to diagnose underlying medical conditions for hair loss.
  • Scalp and hair samples will be taken for testing to diagnose infections if any.
  • A light microscopy will be done to check the hair root.
  • A gentle pull test will be performed to assess the strength of your hair and to stage your hair loss.

Hair Fall Treatment Options

There are a range of hair fall treatments available. Choosing one will depend on your hair condition, the reason for hair fall and the stage of hair fall. After an accurate hair fall diagnosis identifies the cause of hair fall, suitable treatment or sometimes a combination of treatments are chosen. If you have certain mild hair fall conditions they may be treated with good hygiene, a balanced diet and a good hair care routine. But some conditions may require specialized care to stop hair fall and increase hair growth.

Treatment options

At Raj Cosmetic Centre we offer a wide variety of hair fall treatment solutions.

Medical Hair Fall treatment

Treating underlying medical conditions leading to hair fall will arrest it. If you are healthy but suffer from hereditary baldness, you will be prescribed medications. Certain medicines like Rogaine are topical applications that have to be rubbed into your scalp daily. Certain other medicines like Propecia are oral pills to be taken daily

There may some side effects while taking these medicines. There may be an increased hair fall as you shed hair before you start growing hair. A prolonged duration of treatment is required to produce good hair re-growth.

Surgical Hair Fall treatment

Hair Transplant is one of the most effective treatments for hair loss and baldness. Baldness generally starts at the top of the head. The sides of the head are covered with good hair growth. This hair is used in the procedure. Small patches of hair are removed from areas of dense growth at the back or sides of the head. The individual hair follicles are separated and implanted in the areas of sparse growth one follicle at a time.

Medicines to slow down hair fall may be prescribed to prevent further hair loss. New hair will grow out of the transplanted follicles and eventually cover your bald spots with natural hair growth.

Laser Treatment for hair loss

This is a new procedure that uses the power of lasers to induce hair growth and improve hair density.

Preventive Measures to stop hair fall

While hereditary baldness is not preventable, there are a number of methods by which you can prevent other types of hair fall.

  • Avoid touching, pulling, twisting, or rubbing your hair
  • Avoid harsh cleaning, combing, brushing or braiding methods
  • Handle your hair gently
  • Opt for hairstyles that do not stretch, pull or stress hair
  • Use a wide toothed comb to prevent excessive pulling while combing
  • Do not use hot rollers, irons etc often
  • Check if the medications you take will lead to hair fall
  • Wear a scarf or hat to protect your hair from direct sunlight and ultraviolet rays
  • Quit smoking as smoking increases the risk of baldness

Complete Care and Best Hair Fall Treatment at Raj Cosmetic Centre

At Raj Cosmetic Centre you are assured of the best treatment options for hair fall. Experienced medical professionals perform the procedures and tests. The most suitable hair fall treatment plans for individuals are drawn up based on the conclusive diagnostic tests. Excellent infrastructure and expert personnel ensure a successful treatment without any complications.

Our holistic approach provides complete care. You will be given comprehensive hair care guidance to stop hair fall and increase hair growth.

Nutritionists will draw up a diet plan for you to improve your general health condition as a balanced diet will improve hair growth and reduce hair fall.

Alternative methods of dealing with permanent hair loss will also be discussed with you to provide you with every option to counter hair loss.

Counseling will be provide to help you handle stress positively.

If you are worried that you are losing more hair than is growing back, visit us for a consultation and diagnosis. We offer all methods and procedures to treat hair fall, prevent baldness and promote good hair growth.