Glaucoma Services


Avail the treatment for glaucoma from Experienced Eye Care Specialist

Nethra eye Care center is one of the leading super specialty centers providing high-end treatment to the people suffering from different eye disorders. A lot of people suffer from the Glaucoma. It refers to a group of eye problems that damage the optic nerve and may lead to loss of vision and blindness. However, with early detection of the ailment and the right treatment, it can be treated. Today there isthe advanced treatment for Glaucoma is available.

We have an ultra-modern eye care center that is equipped with advanced and latest eye care facilities to provide the patients advanced treatment and care under one roof. We identify the significance of healthy and clear eyesight and to provide that our team of experienced eye care specialist and surgeons make sure that each patient receives the best treatment for their eye problem. They thoroughly examine the patient’s conditions and suggest the best available Glaucoma treatment.

We have performed numerous eye surgeries and helped patients with their eye ailments by gifting them a clear vision. We endeavor to maintain our quality and safety standards and make available the advanced treatment facilities for the people under one roof. Book an appointment with our eye care specialist and get the best treatment at affordable price.