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Why Stretch Marks Appear?

Why stria (stretch marks)appear

Stretchmarks, called stria, are streaks of discoloured skin that appear most commonly on the abdomen, hips, buttocks, breasts and usually occur during pregnancy or rapid weight change. Stria do not cause any discomfort and are harmless, but they can cause cosmetic problems by changing your skin’sappearance. There are different types of stretchmarks and how they appear depends on the cause, your skin type, where they appear and how long you have had them. They may be bright lines on your skin that fade gradually to a duller colour. They may look like slightly indented lines on the abdomen, breasts, buttocks or other parts of the body. They may appear as pink, red, black or purple streaks. Stria may be confined to small area or cover a large portion of the body.

Why does stria appear?

Stria is formed when the skin is stretched. The extent and severity of stria varies from person to person. It depends on hereditary factors and the amount of stress experienced by the skin. Another factor that influences stria is the amount of hormone cortisol secreted by your adrenal glands. Cortisol affects elastic fibers and makes them weaker. As they lose their elasticity your skin is prone to develop stretch marks.
Who is at risk of developing stria?

Anyone can get stria, but the risk increases if you

• Are a woman

• Are pregnant

• Have undergone rapid weight gain or loss

• Have undergone an adolescent growth spurt

• Have had a breast enlargement surgery

• Have a family history of stria

• Use corticosteroids

• Are exercising and using steroids to gain weight

• Have certain medical conditions

How is stria treated?

Stretchmarks may be harmless, but could cause you psychological problems by inhibiting your lifestyle if they are severe. If you wish to reduce them for cosmetic reasons, there are treatments available to lighten them and make them near invisible.

Treatment options include:

Creams to lighten stretchmarks and promote collagen production to make affected skin look more normal. Microneedling that uses a small device to make numerous tiny punctures on affected area to promote collage production and repair skin. Laser treatment to promote collagen production and skin elasticity to reduce stretchmarks.

Talk to our cosmetic surgeon if you are worried about your stretchmarks. After a complete evaluation of your skin and your goals, we will guide you to the best treatment option for stria to get the best results.

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