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Best Treatment For Hair Loss In Chennai

Best treatments for hair loss in Chennai Hair fall is a normal occurrence. Usually, the hair you lose is replaced by the growth of new hair. When growth is slowed or stopped, then you start experienced hair loss. There are many causes for hair loss in men and women. Heredity, hormonal changes, health condition, lifestyle and aging can all play a part in hair loss. Baldness, progressive permanent loss of hair in the scalp, is hereditary and happens as you age, but now more and more young people are losing hair to baldness. The good news is that there are effective treatments available in Chennai to counter hair loss. Symptoms of hair loss • Receding hairline • Widening of the part • Circular bald patches • Loosening of hair so they come of in clumps at the slightest tug • Scaly patches with broken hair, redness and swelling The symptoms may, in most cases, give us a clue as to what is causing your hair loss, but the doctor will run some tests for accurate diagnosis. A blood test, pull test, scalp biopsy or light microscopy may be done based on your symptoms. Your individualised treatment plan will be drawn up based on the results to arrest and slow down hair fall or regrow hair based on your condition. Treatment options for hair loss Medication If you have any infection that is causing the hair loss, medicines to clear the infection will be given. Drugs are also available to be taken orally, or as liquids, foams or shampoos to be applied on the head for hair fall that is not caused by an infection. These drugs can arrest and slow hair fall and help regrow lost hair. You must use or take them regularly as prescribed for best results. They are slow acting and their results may not be obvious immediately, but over a period of a few months, you will notice a definite improvement. Laser therapy for hair loss Low level laser is used to promote hair growth in men and women suffering from hereditary hair loss. Hair transplant surgery People suffering from baldness, lose hair in the top of the head and have good growth at the sides and back. Such people may not respond to medication and lifestyle changes, they will require a hair transplant surgery. In a hair transplant surgery, hair is removed from the back of the head and transplanted where needed. The hair follicles are removed either individually, or as a strip of scalp and then divided into tiny portions, to be transplanted. This is the most effective treatment for people who suffer from permanent hair loss in the top and front of the head. A hair transplant is a day care procedure and you can return home the same day. It will be uncomfortable for a few days, but you will be given pain medication to manage pain. You will be given instructions on cleaning and caring for the site. Follow the instructions and take prescribed medicines to avoid complications and get the best results. You will notice good hair growth in a few months. This is permanent and you can cut, style and treat it as you wish. Multiple effective treatments are available for hair loss. If you feel you are losing hair rapidly, if you notice bald patches or thinning areas of hair, consult our expert without delay. Some types of hair loss may require just a lifestyle modification, stress management or dietary supplements. We will diagnose the cause of your hair loss and provide the most suitable treatment so you can reclaim your crowning glory.